I am currently taking a GE class at my school for a month during this interterm. My class is intro to gay, lesbian, and bisexual studies. I continue to see horrifying videos about people with such hatred. I am a female straight women but that does not mean I hate on those whose love interest are different then mine. I fully support people that are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or anything for that matter. I also support those who don’t classify themselves and if they want to date a man one day and decide they want to date a women the next who cares? why are people so concerned over something and show such hatred just because its something you may not be use to. I have been to catholic school my entire life and I’ve heard both sides. The fact is I don’t judge people by their sexual orientation. I have friends that have come out to me and I love them just the same. they aren’t different people and I fully support their decisions and I pray for a world that does to because this hatred and discrimination is hard to see happen to people.

Keep Loving, Lauren Armenta


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