Bike trip!


So today is the day after… surprisingly not as sore as I thought I would be but ill need some time to recover before the next trip. haha. Yesterday me and my buddy mikey biked to the beach. total of 40 miles! only took a few photos because we were constantly biking but here we go. oh and a shout out to WTS (Whittier Tint Shop) and all the guys there for being so kind. They are a great group of people there and hilarious. I got a flat tire on my journey and these guys were kind enough to help me out and replace my bike tire tube. special shout out to tom for doing it for me. Great guys, great place, check it out : 10113 whittier blvd. whittier, CA 90606. Tel. (562)908 6808 ask for tom and say the girl whose bike tire you fixed sent you . anyways here are some pics:


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