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For those of you who are new to my blog or returning, I have created a tab on the left called Composing New Media, for my class. As you can see most of my blog is composed of art, mainly a process or update to the art work or graphic design projects I do. In sticking with my creative art theme but adding a certain differentiation, I am starting a theme I like to call, “Tag You’re It.”

Technology is advancing quickly and we are in the middle of it. In keeping up with new media but still appreciating the old, I will be using this blog to talk about Street Art but through this online platform. Street art is authentic, hand done and not everlasting the exact opposite of new media which online lives forever. The idea behind this is simple, sharing the experience of raw art, through the very click of a mouse. Banksy– well-known for his cunning street art work, especially by loyal street art fans or really just from the culture itself, but famous for being widely spread via online source. Most people have heard of Banksy not because they are connected to the street art culture but because its been on the news or online and other social media sites. Banksy was really the starting point of connecting street art community to the new media world.

What does this all mean? Well lets start with the name:

Tag. You’re It. – A brand that believes in the social responsibility of spreading inspiration to all. Whether it be a sticker slapped sign, a painted wall, or a drawn on scrap piece of paper, we are all about bringing the lost art back into the world. We each have our own tag, it’s what you do with it and how you tag others that matters. Tag is about using what you have in a way that inspires those around you.

Why I feel the need to create an art related platform of inspiration:

The story: As a junior in high school I had my art teacher walk up to me in class, look me straight in the eye and say, “what are you going to do with your life?” Well anyone could be asked that question at any given time and feel the way I did when I heard that … scared. I sat there puzzled for a second as she walked away, grabbed something from her desk and was heading back to me. In front of me, she placed a pencil and said, “This is the only thing you’ll ever need in life.” And as confused as I was in that moment, she was right. From there we enrolled me in summer classes which I fell in love with and when I came back for my senior year, she walked up to me again and said, “Are you ready to build a portfolio?” My teacher had inspired me to not only pursue a creative life, but inspired me to find a way to inspire people into the creative world.

I am now in my last year at Chapman University as a Graphic Designer, working at NBC Universal.

What happens next: You revisit my blog for anything art related and revisit this tab for some really good content and get the conversation going. I challenge you, Tag. You’re It.

Here is an awesome photo I took:

2014-02-21 05.37.48

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