New Hobby


I bought a table top starter kit to learn how to screen print. Will be a challenge to make only one color designs considering how much my designs incorporate lots of colors but I love the challenge! If youre looking to learn I suggest buying one of these kits from DIY Print Shop and taking a hands on class. Here is the kit I got, loved the box print!

2015-08-31 18.55.15

Some extra screen and inks I bought from my local Blicks store:

2015-08-28 20.51.14

The table I built with my dad for a nice surface area to work (easy build and not a big deal for spills and stuff)

2015-09-04 18.08.26-2

My supplies all laid out. Stuff from the DIY kit plus a canvas sheet I laid on the ground so not to mess up the carpet, a few extra inks, and an architect lamp I got at home depot.

2015-09-04 20.43.42 2015-09-04 20.40.13

Sketch Update .. Super sketchy stuff going on


I took up boxing within the past almost 2 months now and it’s something I found very inspiring creatively. I recently found out my real grandfather was a professional boxer in his day so hearing that really put some more passion into my boxing hoby. As a result I got myself a little ‘keep at it’ gift and I never take it off. Based off of that I did a little quick morning sketch…

2015-07-30 19.13.022015-07-31 15.27.22 2015-07-31 15.37.14

My morning coffee didnt fully wake me up so I thought a quick sketch would: (and it did)2015-08-03 13.27.16-3

Words to live by, that is my only comment:2015-07-28 11.40.18

Shirt Drafts


Here are the original shirt drafts based on the sketches I had done earlier on this month. Ill post the final shirt next or you can look to your left and click on the shirt tab to see all my designs. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 5.02.02 PM Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 5.17.33 PM 2015-07-15 17.41.26

Tea time and tagging


More daily morning sketches. Combined a couple to make a shirt. Drafts in next post.

2015-07-14 10.37.24-1 2015-07-14 11.17.13 2015-07-14 14.47.00-2 2015-07-23 20.35.47 2015-07-27 09.30.24-2

How to create opportunities online


Hello my fellow artists,

As many have you have been following, my new media class has allowed me to go pretty in depth within the artistic culture and more specifically street art. Today I am giving you a little snippet of my final project.
I know, I know, you’re all very excited. For those of you who didn’t catch the sarcasm or not excited at all here’s why you should be:
This project, like I have mentioned in a previous post, will talk about not just the importance of why you should be on the internet but how to do so and maintain everything to get yourself noticed. Now you may get excited.
We are going to switch gears for a bit. Instead of street artists we are going to dip our toes into the design world. Three main things to keep in mind:

1. Portfolio

2. Portfolio


One of the key aspects of getting noticed as a designer is having a great… you guessed it, portfolio. But look around you, look at our world today. You see everyone glued to their phone, attached to their computer or stuck to a television. We are in a new media world. And with that note, my fellow designers, artists and bloggers I am arguing why you should have an online portfolio/profile over a printed one. This is going to be nothing about dissing print but all about how helpful the new media world can be for future opportunities.

Now why do this? I’ll tell you why, Because Its Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be. I get it I’m a college kid why listen, well because I have taken the advice of such people like Paul Arden, an advertising guru, and applied these things to my life to turn out some really great results. But Im not going to give away all the great books I’ve read just yet. For the good reads list you’ll have to read my Final project post coming soon.

In light of all this research collected over the course of this class and my four years studying as a designer, most of you may already know I have created my own website. As of now it is a Desktop only functional site but I am in the middle of making it compatible for other devices such as tablets and phones.

As a part of our final project we must select a topic and create a website for it. My discourse community is street art however im switching over my final project to help other artists like myself have an easier time getting noticed. With this being said, my final project website I chose to create was my own.


I did this to show helpful tips with designing, making, implementing your website and all your social media. Not feeling too much like a designer? No problem, I’ll also list some great sites that do all the heavy lifting. Until next time, check out some features, social media and navigation of my website

Keepin on

We Are the Ones .. That Will Break the Stereotype


Hello my fellow readers, artists, street enthusiasts,

Today we are going to look into a GoPro video that features a graffiti artist named Jessica Sabogal, based in the Bay Area. Jessica’s work, “possess a vision of female identity that is revolutionary and powerful, brave and beautiful. By utilizing a spray can, she aims to color her canvas by unraveling stories she once heard, lived, struggled, and loved.”

Spray paint is often a tool that is associated with negative visions such as vandalism, illegal activity, destruction, profanity, gang affiliation and much more. However what we will be focusing on is much more positive. This will not only talk about Jessica Sabogal’s work in the video above but will be applying James E. Porter’s theory from, “Recovering Delivery for Digital Rhetoric.” Porter, in his writing, strives to address one of the five rhetorical canons, this one being, delivery.

Delivery, as it has been for most of history, is oral and bodily aspects when giving a speech or performance. In other words, how someone acts toward an audience via gesture, tone, voice, rhythm and so on. With technology changing and how we act and respond to the environment around us today, we are revisiting the topic and alternating it to suit the present.

One of the most important aspects to framing delivery is techne, or art. In this case the techne would be spray paint and even more so the use of the GoPro’s technology to give the viewer a more in depth experience, whether it be to move with the strokes of the paint or take in the whole scenery.

To delve more specifically into Porter touched up on 5 main points:

1. Body/Identitywhich is concerned with online representation of the body, gestures, voice, dress and image along with online representation of race, class, gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity.
– In regards to online body/Identity, this video mentions how graffiti is a predominately male dominated field. Jessica mentions quite a few times on how she believes it’s important for female artist to be apart of it; “I want to be seen using spray paint so that other girls can go pick up a can and not think its this crazy thing of the streets but as a valid way to express themselves artistically, anywhere.” The way she speaks and gathers a group of women to pursue one art piece and defy all gender representation is truly revolutionary in the graffiti culture.
-Not only does this break gender roles within the graffiti and street art culture but presents a more positive and empowering outlook.

2. Distribution/Circulation- methods of circulating digital information using technological publishing options.
-The biggest aspect of this would be the techne we had talked about before. I think the GoPro, not only with its widespread popularity, but also with the technology itself allows for wide distribution option including but not limited to GoPro, Youtube, basically any video site as well as sharing with friends via social media.

3.Access/Accessibility- Audiences connectivity to Internet based information.
-This crossovers with point number 2, but I think that for awhile street art is something you just stumbled upon whereas now, because of the distribution/circulation methods, its become more of a culture connecting to other cultures, experiencing and sharing art, videos, ect through these media outputs such as Youtube, Twitter, and so on.
-Not only connectivity over art but just in general, Jessica mentioned she needed help and she put out a volunteer call via connectivity to the internet and this type of audience having that access was what helped her form this group of women to complete this giant beautiful work of art.

4.Interaction- Types of engagement allowed by digital designs.
-There is nothing quite like raw tangible, large scale, paint a wall kind of art. However the power that comes with Internet interaction is what is shaping conversation around these communities, cultures, works of art. Digital design is allowing for mass production, connectivity to anywhere in the world, and a variety of different perspectives on just even one piece of art.
5.Economics- Concerning copyright, ownership and control of information, fair use and the politics of information policy.
Graffiti/street art is raw creativity. You can replicate or emulate something the best you can but the surface and material changes the piece you would want to replicate into something completely different. There is also no going back you can only improve and build upon the so called “mistake” that you make.

“Anytime you see one of my paintings people look at it and there like ‘oh acrylic right?’ and im like ‘no spray paint.’ People can not believe that something that looks like fine art is done with spray paint.” -Jessica Sabogal

We Are the Ones- that will break the spray paint stereotype.

-Jessica Sabogal-
-We Are the Ones Video-
-James E. Porter- Recovering Delivery for Digital Rhetoric